UPNAAI Elects New Officers for 2016-2017 - President’s Message

01 Feb 2016 8:00 AM | Deleted user

Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo

Another chapter is added to the history book of UPNAAI with the election of the new set of officers for 2016-2017.

Elected President is Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo, BSN ’79, MPA ’90, MSN, PhD, RN BC, CPHQ, NEA BC; 1st Vice-President & Chair, Education & Research Committee is Erlinda Cruz Paguio, BSN’72, MA, RN, BC-ANP; 2nd Vice-President & Chair, Program Committee, Susan Vicencio-Garaygay, GN’68, BSN’70, MSN, RN; 3rd Vice-President and Chair, Membership Committee Marilou Torres Lacson, BSN’79, MSN, RN, CCRN; Recording Secretary, Dolores Alcantara Aponte, BSN’79, RN, CCM; Corresponding Secretary & Chair, Constitution & By-Laws Deborah-Anne Yambao Butuyan, BSN’89, RN; Treasurer & Chair, Finance Committee Norma Roa Serina, GN’61, RN (Retired); Auditor & Chair, Audit Committee Emma Gutierrez Catabui, BSN’73, RN; and Public Relations Officer Teresita Carambas Santos, BSN’79, MSN, RN.

Members of the Board of Directors are Theresa Liboro Abad, BSN’81, MSN, RN; Merly Castillo Abrenica, GN’65, BSN, RN; Marlene Cataylo Chance, GN'75, MSN, PhD, EJD, FNP-BC; Randelle Ian Sasa, BSN ’05, MA, RN BC, CMSRN, CCRN; Ida Robillon Santos, GN’68, BSN, RN, LNHA; Gloria Amayun Smitka, GN’69, BSN '70, MN '78; and, Lachme Trivilegio Sullesta, GN’68 (Retired).

The nine members of the Advisory Council for this term are Jesusa Santa Barbara Czach, BSN’79, RN, CCRN (Retired); Peregrin Camilon Francisco, GN’69, BSN’71, MSA, RN (Retired); Emerita Geluz Goodrich, BSN’74, MSN, GNP-C; Rhodora Maligalig, BSN 72, MSN, RN (Retired); Magdalena Ongkiko, BSN’73, MSN, CCRN; Merle Flores Borrero, BSN’67, RN; Lyvia Mendoza Villegas, GN’68, BSN’71, MA, FNP; Josephine "Josie" Francisco Villanueva, BSN’67, MA, RN-BC, NE-BC; and, Natalia Octaviano Matitu-Mercado, GN'68, BSN'69, RNC.

This current administration was asked by President Pajarillo to participate in strategic planning, one of three important roles of non-profit organization officers (fiduciary and generative roles being the other two). Strategic planning makes sure that all the Officers, Board and Advisory Council (AC) members participate and come up with what they believe UPNAAI should be working on and how to course its direction in subsequent years. This meant conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis. The following short term goals were presented to the Officers and Board and were approved as the top three priority strategic initiatives that will be worked on for the next two years: (1) increase by 10% our current lifetime members by the end of 2017; (2) increase by 10% the attendance to our convention events by the end of 2017; and (3) enhance the use of Facebook and the UPNAAI website in disseminating information to the members, increasing visibility of the organization, and improving the public image of UPNAAI. While the following other goals did not rank in the top three, the Board will attempt to work on some of these short-terms goals, time and logistics permitting. These goals are: (4) build in new board orientation during the face-to-face convention to begin the acquaintance and early team building process; (5) foster the welcoming atmosphere to all attendees during the convention to encourage them to come back regularly; (6) increase by 10% new member volunteers in committees and events sponsored by UPNAAI; (7) establish at least another chapter on or by the end of 2017; (8) improve and facilitate the registration and check-in process during the convention events; (9) make the instructions on obtaining CEUs clearer; and, (10) establish a new category of membership.

As far as long-term goals are concerned, the Board recommended and voted unanimously to work on the top five projects resulting from the SWOT analysis. These long-term goals are listed in the order of priority: (1) increase by 20% new lifetime members from the current number by 2020; (2) ensure proper and timely turnover of organizational responsibilities from administration to administration; (3) establish and implement a long-lasting plan that reaches out to UPNAAI's membership for sustainability by engaging members to actively participate in all or any of its sponsored activities, as well as encourage non-member alumni to join the organization; (4) maximize on the use of social media and the website to improve communication among members and potential members; and there are two goals tied at (5a) establish a leadership development program to facilitate succession planning, and (5b) use of appropriate current technology to update UPNAAI's antiquated processes that deter the efficient operation of its fiduciary responsibilities (financial reports, timely dissemination of information, etc.). Another initiative that did not make the top long-term goal is being included here and the Board will endeavor to also work on it if at all practical and realistic, given the time frame and resources. This is “to transform UPNAAI into a truly international organization by 2018."

The blueprint of the work of this new administration has now been laid out. UPNAAI began as a social organization in the late seventies with only a handful of members. It has now grown to over 800 members, 4 chapters in the United States, and is working on establishing more, including those in other continents. The rules governing non-profit organizations have become much more stringent, and the Internal Revenue Service is determined to clamp down on non-compliant organizations because of the tremendous growth in numbers of non-profits over the past decade. With a strong, united, focused, ethically minded, and knowledgeable set of officers, board and AC members, I am optimistic and mindful that we will be able to accomplish our goals for the good of the members of UPNAAI. After all, UPNAAI is its members. We welcome suggestions and recommendations from our members, so together we can bring our organization to the next level and achieve more in the name of our Alma Mater!


  • 04 Aug 2016 7:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    I love this new website. Registration is such a breeze! Thank you for leading us right smack in the center of cyberspace.
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  • 17 Aug 2016 8:55 AM | Susanna (Susan)
    Indeed! Let us all strive to focus on achieving the goals set forth by Pres. Ed and the current board. However, this will not come into fruition without the valuable participation of all our members. So let us all rekindle the UP spirit of leadership working towards the success of this endeavor!
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  • 28 Aug 2016 4:09 PM | Rosalie
    I am moved and rekindled by President Ed's message. The general membership should support the short and long term goals of this new administration. I love to see UPNAAI as an International Nursing Orgnization.

    I would like to chime in - to the Staff of P/P Chaired by Ms Butuyan great job!!! The whole presentation, including its history to the proposed changes from intro to each proposed amendment was well laid out. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Convention. Otherwise, you have my vote to the proposed changes!

    A special kudos to Randelle Ian Sasa - the website looks so professional.
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