2016 UPNAAI President's Report

15 Oct 2016 7:00 AM | Deleted user


Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo, PhD, RN BC, CPHQ, NEA BC

Our current administration has been blessed with a strong cadre of officers and board members who are resilient, focused, collaborative, and motivated to elevate UPNAAI to a more professional organization and embrace the various changes we now are faced with. UPNAAI is a microcosm of the society that is presently evolving and faced with insurmountable challenges. But the Board is united and determined to align our organization with the regulatory and legislative requirements to help keep UPNAAI sustain its mission and vision.

At the beginning of our term, we deliberated and prioritized what our strategic goals will be during our term. In the order of priority, the following were decided to be our short-term goals:

  1. Increase by 10% our current lifetime members by the end of 2017.
  2. Increase by 10% the attendance to our convention events by the end of 2017.
  3. Enhance the use of FB and the UPNAAI website in disseminating info to the members, increasing visibility of the organization, and improving the public image of UPNAAI.
  4. Build in new board orientation during the face-to-face convention to begin the acquaintance and team building process early on.
  5. Foster the welcome atmosphere to all attendees during the convention to encourage them to come back regularly.

The following list consists of our long-term goals:

  1. Increase by 20% new lifetime members from the current number by 2020.
  2. Ensure proper and timely turnover of organizational responsibility from administration to administration.
  3. Establish and implement a long-lasting plan that reaches out to UPNAAI's membership for sustainability by engaging members to actively participate in all or any of its sponsored activities, as well as encourage non-member alumni to join the organization.
  4. Maximize on the use of social media and the website to improve communication among members and potential members, as well as the efficient operation of its fiduciary responsibilities (financial reports, timely dissemination of information, etc.)
  5. Establish a leadership development program to facilitate succession planning.

On behalf of the 2016-2017 Officers and Board of Directors of UPNAAI, I am proud to report the following accomplishments.

Under the leadership of Board Member and Chair, UPNAAI Website, Randelle Ian Sasa reports the following. If you have not visited our totally redesigned and enhanced website, please take time to peruse the pages. However, you need to register even if you are already a member to be able to access all the features, especially the member-only pages.

1.    Acquisition of new online accounts that facilitate doing business using the Internet

                   1.1    upnaai@aol.com email

                   1.2    UPNAAI Stripe account - for credit card transactions

                   1.3    UPNAAI ECWID account - online retail store

                   1.4    UPNAAI WildApricot account - membership management software

                   1.5    UPNAAI GoDaddy account - domain name host

2.    Migration of upnaai.org from a personal web server (from the previous Webmaster) to a third-party membership software company

3.    Total redesign and markedly enhanced functionality of UPNAAI.org, which includes:

        3.1    a dynamic, colorful and attractive home page vis-a-vis the static and drab home page in the previous years

        3.2    personalized access to Members-only content given to all UPNAAI members

        3.3    online member database management software

        3.4    events management and online registration for the UPNAAI Convention and similar events

        3.5    online store that can sell up to 10 items at a time

        3.6    a secure, encrypted credit card payment facility to process payments to event registrations, online store purchases and donations

        3.7    a centralized e-mail facility that can send email blasts, newsletters and notices to all registered members with a click of a button

         3.8    an online bookkeeping system that is able to generate reports and quickbooks for all transactions via the website

         3.9    discussion boards at different levels that facilitate exchange of ideas between members in a secure, encrypted environment

                   -   Public forums - to facilitate exchanges between UPNAAI and the public

                   -   Member's forums - to facilitate exchanges between UPNAAI members

                   -   Board forums - to facilitate privileged communication between the UPNAAI Board of Directors

          3.10    new sections in the website include:

                    -   Photo roster of the 2016 Officers and Directors - familiarizes the UPNAAI membership and the public to their Officers and BOD

                    -   Photo roster of the Past Presidents - a tribute to the legacy of UPNAAI's leaders from the yesteryears

                    -   Dedicated page to all UPNAAI Chapters - a tribute to UPNAAI's chapters

                    -   JVS Medallion page - provides information to the public regarding the JVS Medallion, its importance, criteria and honorees

                    -   Donations page - allows the public to directly give to UPNAAI through a secure, encrypted credit card transaction

                    -   Financial statements (Members' only) - to foster transparency and fiduciary accountability

                    -   Annual Convention Proceedings (Members' only) - gives members the access to the Proceedings of current and past Conventions

4.    Advocacy to raise the Website Committee's status from being a sub-committee to a standing committee in the UPNAAI Constitution and Bylaws

5.    The UPNAAI website moved from being managed by a paid, third-party contractor to one that is owned and operated by volunteers from within the UPNAAI membership.

6.    Re-organization to a 4-man committee (3 members and a Chair), each with distinct yet interdependent functions

7.    Given the new and improved functionality of the Website, the Website Committee has increased collaborations with other UPNAAI Committees

Another important committee, the Constitution and By-Laws and Policy and Procedure Committee, headed by Debbie Butuyan takes pride in their accomplishments:

  1. Formation and inclusion of committee members mostly from the younger batches or classes who have innovative ideas as well as the experience or involvement with nonprofit organizations, and experiences in policy development;
  2. Improving the process of developing policies and procedures (P&Ps) by way of extensive research and process analysis;
  3. Formulation of the Whistle Blower P&P, the first P&P to be written and approved using the appropriate process.
  4. Discovery and identification of some sections of the Constitution & By-Laws (CBL) to be amended to make UPNAAI completely aligned with the California Laws for Non-Profit Corporations;
  5. First CBL/P&P Committee in the history of UPNAAI to perform a thorough review of the current CBL since January 01, 2010 when Assembly Bill 1233 took effect where the laws of Nonprofit Corporations were modified or changed. The CBL review was conducted and amendments proposed by the committee within the period of time necessary to meet the time frame requirements to have it approved by the BOD/members of the AC and to be ratified by the General Membership as stipulated in Article XI of the current CBL;
  6. Systematic and efficient discussion and exchange of ideas among the members to have a better understanding of the proposed amendments;
  7. Improving the delivery and presentation of the proposed amendments for ratification by the General Membership through the use of a multi-modal approach such as the UPNAAI website (through collaboration with the website committee), slide presentation during the General Meeting, and by poster presentation; and,
  8. Opportunity to revalidate and improve previously approved P&Ps using the correct process.

The Membership Committee, headed by Marilou Lacson, 3rd Vice President, is proud to announce that our membership has increased from 777 to 835 from the period of August 2015 to September 2016. We want to honor and thank those who have joined this prestigious organization. The number of new life members from August 2015 to September 2016 is 57. This is more than halfway of meeting our goal to increase membership by 10% of the previous membership of 777. An additional 12 new annual members also joined and we will aim to convince them to switch to Life Membership by the end of their membership period.

Erlinda Cruz Paguio, 1st Vice President and Chair, Education & Research Committee reports the following achievements:

  1. Availability of complete conference proceedings including slide presentations on the UPNAAI website prior to start of conference
  2. Ability to register and pay for the conference through the UPNAAI website
  3. initiation of pre-registration to reduce crowding/traffic on day of conference
  4. Initiation of entire (podium, poster, and overall convention) evaluation on line
  5. Early ability to access and complete evaluation (a day after program presentation)
  6. Continuation of ability to print certificate on line
  7. Continuation of speakers’ presentations linked to the convention theme
  8. Significant increase in the number of poster presenters from previous years (20 total)
  9. New perk provided to poster presenters (half of the breakfast seminar registration fee)

The Program Committee, chaired by UPNAAI 3rd Vice-President & UPNAA-TX Host Chapter Susan Vicencio Garaygay, and her chapter members are so pumped up hosting the convention for the first time. They have been preparing for this important event to showcase their chapter and what their beautiful State of Texas has to offer. The following are her committee highlights:

1.       An e-mail notification was sent to class coordinators of celebrating classes to rally their peers to participate in the celebration. Periodic follow up was sent via e-mail as reminder.

2.       Formation of a chapter host sub-committee to:

 a. Organize the following procedures to ensure an orderly registration check-in and avoid confusion during the various events participants signed up for (breakfast, luncheon & dinner/dance):

 b. Obtain list of registrants on a regular basis from the treasurer that includes class affiliation to ensure classmates are seated together both at the luncheon roll call and the dinner/dance; dinner meal choice; and create a master list (spread sheet) as point of reference

c. Prepare packets for each registrants/guests containing name tags, events signed up for, and dinner meal choices. Packets will be given at the registration check-in. Signatures will be obtained at pick-up.

d. Chapter host volunteers to wear similar attire for ease in identification as to who can assist participants especially during the Friday Educational and Luncheon Programs

e. Oversee the discharge of assigned tasks to door monitors, and other volunteers belonging to the other chapters and general membership.

f. Assign a chapter host member to be in charge of Yearbook advertisements and vendor solicitation

3. Periodic monitoring of hotel reservations to anticipate need for an alternate hotel

4. Provide information on various transportation services, especially to participants who do not belong to a big group (class) possibly for airport pick-up and drop off, and transport to local points of interest, restaurants, etc.

Co-Chairs Merly Abrenica and Lachme Sullesta of the Sustainability and Viability Committee will be raising funds for UPNAAI. They are soliciting donations for auction and raffles during the convention and gala night. The committee is also exploring other means of revenue to sustain the goals of the association.

The Chapter Formation Adhoc Committee, headed by Ida Santos, continue to explore potential chapters to become affiliated with UPNAAI. We are optimistic that we will have one more chapter prior to the end of our term.

Some members of our Advisory Council continue to volunteer their precious time to UPNAAI. We thank them profusely for all that they continue to do for our association. Lyvia M. Villegas continues to Chair the JVSotejo Medallion of Honor (JVSMOH) Award Committee. The board approved the committee’s recommendation to award the 2016 JVSMOH to Rebecca M. Galvez Tan, BSN’75, MAN ‘83, RN. Lyvia is also the Chair of the 2016 Yearbook Committee. In this role, she picked and named the Editorial Board and the team tasks, created a detailed Excel record of solicited ads, intense ad solicitation campaign to publish a 230 page Yearbook, laboriously editing and proofing the Yearbook during the last 2 weeks of September, and will determine the net revenue sharing between UPNAAI and the chapters, as well as the gross revenue sharing from the cover pages and the vendor fees. Lyvia remains the Custodian of the UPNAAI Legacy Medallions, which are awarded annually to the Gold, Emerald, and Diamond (GEDI, pronounced “Jedi”) Jubilarians. She also is a team member in securing Hyatt of Orange County as the 2017 venue for the UPNAAI Convention. Nati Matitu Mercado is the Advisor of the Membership Committee. She does not mind rolling up her sleeves to clean up the membership spreadsheet and will be so glad if most members will update their profile in the website. Nati is also tireless when recruiting members, as evidenced by the big increase in our membership just this year. Perry Francisco is the Advisor of the CBL/P&P Committee. She guided the committee in the arduous task of reviewing and deliberating which sections needed to be amended.

As you can see, this year’s Board has been quite busy and will even be more as we prepare for the 2017 convention within a shorter span of time. It will be held on July 28 & 29, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency of Orange County.

We are blessed to have done this much. We are thankful for the innovative ideas of our new Board Members who come from the younger batches. They are tireless, selfless, and full of creativity. We hope the other younger alumni will be encouraged to participate and give-back by sharing their know-how and contemporary ways so we can truly keep up with the rapid changes occurring around us. Let the spirit of excellence of U.P. alumni continue to flourish. Mabuhay ang UPNAAI.

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