Meet the Candidates for the Board of Directors 2019-2021

Wilhelmina Ungco, BSN, RN, CCRN
Current UPNAAI Board of Director 2017-2019

           Willy has an extensive nursing experience in the critical care setting as a staff and as a team leader. She is conscientious of how important it is to make a difference in the delivery and the education of nurses. She has conducted presentations in her work area and in conventions including the recent UPNAAI conventions. The impact of her extraordinary nursing service to her patients, recognized by her peers, patients and the patient’s families, physicians and other staff, proclaimed her as an  “Extraordinary Nurse” and was awarded the prestigious Daisy Award.

       She currently serves as the 1st Vice President for the UPNAAI Board and has been an efficient Chair of the Education and Research Committee.

Ida Robillon-Santos, GN, BSN, RN, LNHA
UP School of Nursing ‘68
Current UPNAAI Board of Director 2017-2019

           Ida currently serves as the 2nd Vice President and Chair of the Program Committee. She is the 1st President of The Rocky Mountain Region and Pacific States UPNAAI Chapter. She is influential in opening the doors for the organization, with a diverse social network, she has raised funds from different sources. Her extensive financial background and extensive experience in an organization’s operations contributed positively in supporting UPNAAI.

Lachme Trivilegio Sullesta, GN, RN
UP School of Nursing’68
Current UPNAAI Board of Director 2017-2019

            Lachme currently serves as the Corresponding Secretary and Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Co Chair of the Sustainability and Viability Committee. Her extensive experience as a business manager paved the way in making sound crucial decisions in creating a positive impact in the organization. She 

has displayed genuine financial support for UPNAAI’s causes and is deeply committed in making a difference in increasing funds for UPNAAI to support its mission.

Leonida Mangaoang, MA, BSN, RN

          Leonida has over 38 years of experience in the hospital, home care, staff development in the critical setting and academic nursing education. She has provided leadership in planning, training and delivering continuing education for nursing staff through collaboration with administration, nursing, medical and surgical leadership to improve patient outcomes. Her zealous participation in sensitive quality improvement initiatives serves as a great asset in accomplishing the organization’s goals. 

Victoria Natalie Bryan, BSN, RN, COHN-S, LNHA

          Victoria has an extensive administrative and corporate compliance experience in the private sector and the state. She is actively involved in and affiliated with various associations and organizations where she serves as a founding officer for the Philippine Nurses’ Association of Metro Detriot. With her passion in her leadership roles, she was recently awarded the Outstanding Nursing Administrator Award. Despite her busy schedule, she takes pride in incorporating entertainment and leisure through travelling, photography, singing and dancing while deeply rooted in her commitment to the organization’s mission.

Corazon Reyes, MSN, RN-BC

          Corazon has extensive experience in the development of various programs and trainings that includes the development of clinical forms and templates, the EBOLA preparedness program, the Electronic Medical Record system and the development and updating of hospital policies and procedures. She has displayed consistent and efficient coordination and collaboration with stakeholders and leaders necessary for the success of the various work projects she was instrumental in formulating and developing. Her passion to enhance staff performance and in ensuring safety in the work place created an impact that she was awarded the Nurse Educator Award. 

       In today’s digital world, her enhanced computer literacy serves as an asset to an organization that will enhance better communication, record keeping and professionalism.

Rosemarie A. Gadioma, MSN. BSN, RN, ACNP-BC


            Rose serves as the current President of UPNAAI’s East Coast Chapter (2017-2019).  She has an extensive experience in the critical care setting, extending her service as an Adult Care Nurse Practitioner. Her leadership provides consultation mostly to cardiac services, more in depth patient and family education, documentation, coordination and collaboration with other providers in the practice group. Her contagious enthusiasm and passion in educating, training and mentoring  

play an important role in the success of  her practice. She continues to serve as an inspiration with her dedication and commitment to her workplace and the community. 

Elizabeth de Leon-Gamboa, BSN, RN, CCM
UPCN’91, Cum Laude
Current UPNAAI Board of Director Member 2017-2019

           Liza is known to be goal driven with a wide-based experience for over 25 years in the fields of education, administration and case management. She is an effective and a competitive achiever and a team player, bringing inspiration and fervent motivation to her colleagues and leaders. She is recognized for her ability to efficiently coordinate and collaborate for team conferences and coordinate care in a community setting to various types of clientele.  Holding numerous certifications in Human Resource Management, Case Management, Legal Nursing and degree in Master’s Program in Nursing Education that will be soon added to her distinct achievements, Liza maintains to give her fervent support in achieving the goals and mission of the organization.

Maidaflor Rana-Maybir, RN, MSN, BSN
Current UPNAAI Board of Director, Treasurer 

       Maida has an extensive clinical background and knowledge in an acute care setting. She is motivated, dedicated and hardworking and able to adapt to all emergency situations. Maida’s enthusiasm and commitment in maintaining a positive connection to her alma mater led her to audaciously accept the challenges to fill in as a board member of UPNAAI and assume the role and responsibilities as a Treasurer during one of the organization’s challenging times. Being a good team player and respected for her leadership skills projects another successful term in the organization.

Minnie Castillo, RN, BSN
Current UPNAAI Board of Director, Chair of Sustainability and Viability Committee

       Minnie has extensive experience in specialty surgery area as a staff nurse and has assumed leadership roles in healthcare management. She demonstrated fiscal and operations accountability in a magnet designated facility and other specialty centers. Her leadership has been recognized in other organizations where she actively participated and assumed roles as a past president, secretary and an auditor. Minnie has been instrumental in introducing innovative ways to increase funds for the organization and remains committed in raising funds to achieve UPNAAI’s mission and goals. 

Joy Sera-Josef, MSN, RN, ARNP

       Joy has an extensive nursing and advance practice experience in various health care settings including adult primary care, post operative and critical care and occupational care. She displays her leadership acumen in clinical practice and has the ability to listen intently, think strategically and implement plans effectively. She is also well versed in online learning systems, writing reports, policies/protocols and health related publications. Joy is an inspirational leader who was awarded the Research of the Year Award and the Division-wide ARNP award. 

Dennis Juanir, RN
Current UPNAAI Board of Director 2017-2019

       Dennis currently serves as the Auditor and Webmaster. He has a wide variety of skills and interests. Has worked with various hospitals in the Southern region of California in both Emergency and Critical Care departments. Extensive experience in home health. Served in medical missions in the Philippines. Entrepreneur, Real Estate investor, Dad of 2 amazing boys, Husband to a wonderful wife, who is also a UP College of Nursing Alumnus. Currently works from home for the California Department of Public Health. Click Here to learn more about Dennis.

Loreta San Juan, RN, BSN, MS

UP School of Nursing’68

Retired as Administrative Director with years of experience and specialty expertise in Pre-Admission Testing, Ambulatory Surgery, Post Anesthesia Care, Surgical Intensive Care, Endoscopy and Pain Management. Experiences as Administrative Director parallel and extend comparatively to qualifying experiences of a member of the UPNAAI Board of Directors. Click here to view her CV.

Wendy Vaughn

A team builder, a leader, educator, an influencer, highly skilled with conflict resolution and a gifted entrepreneur and business manager. Read more about Wendy here.

Elena Welsch
UP School of Nursing’68

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